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About Our CritterSafe IPM Practices

Providing Ethical Animal Removal Services in Houston, TX

At Critter Control, we are proud to feature CritterSafe IPM Practices. Through this program, we provide more humane and ethical options for wildlife control, removal and prevention in Houston. This not only helps to minimize the stress on the critters that we trap and remove, but it also helps us to preserve their role in the local ecosystem. In order to accomplish this, our CritterSafe IPM Practices feature:

  • Non-lethal trapping methods
  • No-trap devices
  • Release on-site practices
  • One-way door cages

SquirrelHelping to Prevent Future Infestations

Our CritterSafe IPM Practices also include our exclusive Animal Entry Worksheet home inspection and detection services. When you work with the experts at Critter Control, we will visit your home to identify any potential entry points where critters may be entering your home. If we notice that you are dealing with structural issues or property damage, we can quickly address them through effective preventative measures.

Serving Local Property Owners for 30+ Years

One thing that makes our services so effective is that we understand and respect the animals that we trap and remove. We know that every animal plays a vital role in the local ecosystem, which is why we perform our removal services in a way that will not disrupt the balance of nature. Our CritterSafe IPM Practices are also just as effective as more traditional methods, so you can trust that we will keep critters away from your property for good.

Why choose the experts at Critter Control? All of our services are paired with a limited lifetime warranty, and we will even inspect your home for free.* Schedule your next animal removal service with our team today to experience the difference for yourself!

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"Thanks for a thorough and professional job Critter Control!"

Thanks for a thorough and professional job Critter Control!

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Excellent work, good communication, professional workmanship.

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