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Update: Veteran and Wife Find Happy Outcome

Critter Control is pleased to announce that Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd have found residence in a safe and comfortable environment. Although we did not earn enough funds to follow our initial plan of refurbishing the Lloyd’s home, they have found a new home. Thanks to the concentrated efforts of their pastor Josh True, the couple has found residence at St. James House, an independent living apartment in Baytown.

Critter Control first learned about the Lloyds when we went to their home in September. What we found was heartbreaking. The couple’s home was infested with over 500 rats and termites that made the home generally uninhabitable. William Lloyd, a military veteran who served in the Korean War, said the problem started over a year ago. Disabled and 81-years-old, it was difficult for Lloyd to deal with the situation.

When we first entered their home, we found that there were rats and their feces everywhere. The couple needed all new furniture and appliances. Because of the termites, the home was pronounced structurally unsound. Unable to stand by and see the Lloyds live like this, we decided to take action. We created a GoFundMe page to raise money for the renovations.

Generosity came from all over, including:

  • Elite Comfort A/C & Heating
  • DNS Electrical
  • Faith Family Church
  • Home Depot
  • Baytown Community
  • Donors like you

We have raised almost $3,000 for the couple. Unfortunately, we were unable to raise enough to salvage their home. However, thanks to Pastor True’s kindness, the couple has found residence at St. James House. The funds that the Lloyds received will go towards the deposit and the first month of rent. We will organize a way for the couple to receive the other appliances and goods that have been promised.

We are astounded by everyone’s generosity and would like to thank all those who helped! You have truly made a significant impact in a couple’s life. We wish the Lloyds well in their new home!

Helping A Veteran in Need

Our client and her 81 year old veteran husband who is disabled are living in a home badly over run with rats.

The home is in terrible shape because of the rats. Almost everything has to be thrown away. When we moved a coffee table a rat ran out from under it. The bed can't be slept on, and the electric recliner that he sits in is just as bad. This is a bad situation. We are helping get rid of the rats, we are helping clean up, replacing sheet rock, removing all of his contaminated insulation, replacing it with brand new better insulation, and doing as much to stop the rats getting in as possible.

However, we are just one company and can only do so much. This client needs help replacing everything including furniture, and home goods. Any help with any furnishings or appliances would be spectacular! Any help in bringing this home up to proper code in every way would be amazing!

We have Elite Comfort A/C & Heating helping with the air conditioning.

DNS Electrical is donating time toward the electrical work.

Faith Family Church is donating one recliner (for the wife).

Home Depot is donating a carpet shampooer for the day.

CBS Furniture is donating an electric recliner (for the husband) and a queen bed with bed frame.

Please if you can help by giving of your time, any contracting skills, materials, carpeting or rugs, home goods, or furniture I know this family would appreciate your help. Please call 713-334-4103 to make arrangements.

Click Here to watch the KHOU News Story or Click Here to read the KHOU News story.

Any and all contractor skills needed: Framing, siding, flooring, carpeting, linoleum flooring, bathroom plumbing & fixtures, and electrical in walls. We can send pictures if you need examples.

Visit our Go Fund Me page to make a donation.

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Thanks for a thorough and professional job Critter Control!

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Excellent work, good communication, professional workmanship.

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