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How to Safely & Humanely Handle a Snake Problem

Snakes are fascinating creatures with a mixed reputation in many areas of the world. In some parts of Christianity, for example, the serpent has been used as a symbol for evil and sly plotting, while ...
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How to Prevent a Raccoon Infestation

A raccoon is a medium-sized mammal known for its distinctive ringed tail and bandit-like face mask. They are particularly intelligent creatures, and are omnivorous, meaning they will eat both meat, ...
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Think Birds Aren't a Big Deal? Think Again!

Birds are so commonplace around the city that we often don’t think of them at all. Most people don’t think twice about a flock of pigeons flying by or settling around a park bench to peck ...
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Critter Control's Commitment to Humane Animal Removal

When it comes to removing pests and animals from your home or commercial building, Critter Control of Houston uses humane animal control and environmentally-friendly techniques. Our professional team ...
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Structural Damage Caused by Critters

While critters such as rats, mice, raccoons, and squirrels appear small, all of them can cause a large amount of turmoil to your home. While the damage is being done, repairs will take a toll on your ...
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What to Look for in an Animal Removal Company

In many cases, the easiest and most effective way to remove an animal or pest problem from your property is to hire a company to do the job for you. However, some animal removal companies are not ...
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Critters Can Carry Disease!

If you suspect that you have a critter problem, it is essential that you don’t ignore it. While you may not think that a few raccoons or mice can cause a lot of trouble, the truth is that ...
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Damage Caused By Raccoons

Raccoons may not seem like much of a threat, but in truth, they can threaten your health and your property. If you suspect that you have a raccoon problem around your home or business, you should ...
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Signs that You Have a Critter Problem

Is that scratching sound coming from the attic all in your imagination? Are those little black spots beneath the kitchen pantry animal droppings? How do you know when it’s time to call a Houston ...
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Here's How to "Pest Proof" Your Home

Pests, such as rats and mice, have the capability of wreaking complete havoc at your home. Not only are they a nuisance, but pests can cause significant material damage and health problems. When it ...
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The Dangers of Ignoring Your Animal Removal Problem

When you’re trying to enjoy the comforts of your home, the last thing on your mind is dealing with an animal or pest problem. Whether you are dealing with one animal particular or an ...
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Animal Removal & Your Health

When you have an animal problem or insect infestation in your home, not only are you concerned about the potential damage it can cause to your property, but also health risks that could result in ...
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How Animal Removal Can Prevent Property Damage

Animals – such as rats, raccoons, and opossums – and insects can access entry points within homes and other types of properties. Rodents, birds, insects, and reptiles are common animal ...
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The Importance of Safe Animal Removal

When removing animals from the home, what is the best option? How do we make sure that everything goes right and still preserve the safety of the animal or the family in the home? No matter if we are ...
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Signs of Animals in Your Home

At Critter Control of Houston, our team of animal removal specialists wants you to understand the various signs that may be present when an animal is in your house. Being aware of these signs is ...
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