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How to Safely & Humanely Handle a Snake Problem

Snakes are fascinating creatures with a mixed reputation in many areas of the world. In some parts of Christianity, for example, the serpent has been used as a symbol for evil and sly plotting, while in Hindu worship, live cobras are celebrated in the festival of Nag Panchami every year. Some of their reputation comes from the fact that snakes are mostly solitary predators, some of which carry deadly toxins in their fangs. Their appearance can also be deceiving. Those who have only seen and never touched a snake might think their scales are slimy, as they tend to reflect the light and give them an ultra-slick appearance. However, their scales are, in fact, dry and smooth.

Other people (and animals) merely have a healthy respect for snakes, which is probably a wise and naturally ingrained emotion. While snakes aren’t always poisonous, they can be dangerous for smaller pets and even children. Boa constrictors, for example, may not be able to swallow larger children, but they do have a tendency to constrict around things and people. They can easily crush the more delicate bones of children, and they will likely attempt to eat any pet rodent that may be loose in the house. Farmers and people who keep chickens must always worry about a snake finding its way into a hen house and taking eggs or chicks.

If you have a snake problem, the best thing to do is to keep any more from sneaking into the house. Inspect your property completely and snake-proof your home by sealing up any holes more than 1/8-inch wide. This includes inspecting the foundation, the roof, and throughout the inside of the house. Make sure to leave one opening, the one you think is the most likely entrance of the snake. You will need this opening to build a 1-way snake door.

A 1-way snake door involves rolling up a piece of aluminum window screen into a 10-inch cylinder slightly larger in diameter than the entrance hole. Insert the roll into the snake entrance, and suspend the outlet end a few inches off the ground. This will allow the snake to exit your house but not reenter later. Leave it in place for at least a season. By that time, the snake will have exited the house. Then, remove the tube and permanently seal the opening.

You can also discourage snakes from moving in by keeping your yard clear of piles of rocks, wood, or other debris, and tall grass and undergrowth. Likewise, make sure to seal up any cracks in concrete porches and sidewalks. Smaller snakes may attempt to hide there or use them to get under the foundation. Also, if you have a storage shed with space under the floor, seal it up. You can also make your house less appealing to snakes by making it less attractive to rats and mice. If you leave out food, put it away, particularly if you tend to leave food outside for a pet.

More deadly snakes, such as rattlesnakes, can kill mature adults without immediate treatment. If you have a poisonous snake in your house or in your, you need to take immediate action and call the Critter Control of Houston. We have more than 30 years of experience working with wildlife in the Houston area. We can give you a free inspection, and our services are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, which means you can count on our quality work. Our team can remove the snakes in a safe, humane, and ecologically friendly way. Let us see how we can help. Contact us at 713.334.4103 or fill out our online form to schedule your free inspection today.

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