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Critter Control's Commitment to Humane Animal Removal

When it comes to removing pests and animals from your home or commercial building, Critter Control of Houston uses humane animal control and environmentally-friendly techniques. Our professional team uses innovative and effective methods to provide animal control services that are ecologically sound.

Critter Control of Houston performs the following humane removal services:

  • Safe animal handling, harborage and reuniting of offspring with parents/siblings
  • No-trap techniques which are species-specific, featuring one-way doors and excluders
  • Eco-friendly animal repellants and deterrent techniques to prevent return
  • Professional grade animal proofing in identified and potential problem areas within the home or commercial building
  • Ensuring our customers are aware of active or potential pest issues and educating them on proper follow-up procedures

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Our licensed technicians do not kill the animal, except for rats and mice, which need to be killed by law. All of the animal we trap are relocated to an appropriate area away from your home. Due to the negative health effects on humans, we do not use any type of poison whatsoever.

The benefits of using our experienced and skilled services include:

  • Free initial inspections
  • Affordable trapping offers
  • Limited lifetime warranty on our services

If you are experiencing any pest or rodent infestations in your home or commercial building in Texas, contact Critter Control of Houston and schedule a free a free home inspection immediately!

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Excellent work, good communication, professional workmanship.

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Thanks for a thorough and professional job Critter Control!

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