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How Animal Removal Can Prevent Property Damage

Animals – such as rats, raccoons, and opossums – and insects can access entry points within homes and other types of properties. Rodents, birds, insects, and reptiles are common animal breeds which are prone to entering through windows, chimneys, as well as attic and basement spaces. Common factors, including climate change, temperature, and shifts in odor can attract and trigger animal invasions. Whether you live near city limits or near a lake, you are guaranteed to encounter some shape or form of wildlife.

The following are helpful tips that can save your property from the damage and torment caused by a variety of wild animals in Houston, TX:

  • Ensure that all screened windows and porches are sealed and secured.
  • Throw away any food or trash in secured trash bins that possess some form of lock on the lids.
  • Close off any cracks in or around exterior doors and chimneys.
  • Place fences around garden areas.
  • Trap mice instead of killing them since dead bodies are breeding ground for bacteria and insects.
  • Cover yards and surrounding areas with insect killers on a regular basis.
  • Spray tea tree oil as an insect repellant around your house.
  • Overturn all storage bins and buckets to prevent water build-up, which results in reproduction of mosquitos.

How Critter Control of Houston’s Animal Removal Services Can Help

Many property owners do not realize that wild animals can cause significant property damage. If you are experiencing an animal infestation in your home, our Houston animal removal company understands how to obtain the results you desire in a quick and effective manner. Our professional team can thoroughly assess the severity of the infestation and determine a personalized solution to eradicate the issue once and for all.

With more than three decades of animal removal experience, we offer free inspections and limited lifetime warranties for all of our work. Do not hesitate to get back your home’s peace and comfort today.

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