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Signs that You Have a Critter Problem

Is that scratching sound coming from the attic all in your imagination? Are those little black spots beneath the kitchen pantry animal droppings? How do you know when it’s time to call a Houston animal removal specialist?

If you notice any of the following early warning signs of a critter problem, it is probably time to contact Critter Control:

  • Smells. Small animals like rats, mice, and squirrels emanate a musty odor. Accumulated feces and urine will also contribute to a noticeable smell. If you notice an unusual smell in an area of your home, it may be a signal of animal intrusion.
  • Sights. Have you noticed chew marks on food packaging in the kitchen or something that looks like droppings near where you store your food? Have you found what appears to be a nest in a quiet corner of a basement or attic? This is visual evidence that an animal may be nesting in your home. Take a look around for obvious ways that an animal may be able to enter your home, such as through holes in the roof or gaps in the foundation.
  • Sounds. When the house is quiet at night, do you hear scratching or rustling sounds in the walls or ceiling? Sometimes these sounds may be so faint or sporadic that you might think you’re imaging them, but if you and your family think that you are hearing things periodically, it is worth investigating.

If you suspect that your house is now home to unwanted critters, you should trust your senses and not ignore the problem. Left unaddressed, an animal problem could cause serious damage to your home and could even be harmful to your health. At Critter Control of Houston, we offer humane and eco-friendly solutions to raccoon problems, rat and mice infestations, bat and bird troubles, and more. Not only can we remove your unwanted animal guests, but we also offer cleanup services to fix the damage and prevent future problems. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment!

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