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Damage Caused By Raccoons

Raccoons may not seem like much of a threat, but in truth, they can threaten your health and your property. If you suspect that you have a raccoon problem around your home or business, you should contact an experienced animal removal professional to help remove the critters safely and humanely. You should never ignore the problem or assume that it will go away on its own – this can only cause the problem to get worse.

Raccoons can cause damage including:

  • They can break into dumpsters and garbage cans
  • They can dig up lawns and gardens
  • They can steal your animal’s food
  • They can cause structural damage
  • They can carry parasites and diseases

What Kinds of Structural Damage Can Raccoons Cause?

Think raccoons are too small to cause any real damage? Think again. A raccoon is capable of causing tremendous property damage. If a family of raccoons gains entry into your attic, for example, it is only a matter of time before they destroy your insulation and fill the space with odorous and disease-carrying urine and feces. Raccoons can also cause significant damage to ventilation and electrical systems that run through attics. If this damage is not identified in a timely manner, these damages could lead to mold problems, water damage, and fire hazards.

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