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Think Birds Aren't a Big Deal? Think Again!

Birds are so commonplace around the city that we often don’t think of them at all. Most people don’t think twice about a flock of pigeons flying by or settling around a park bench to peck for food. So, when buildings become infested with different species of birds, some individuals might not want to spend the money to get them removed or install bird-deterring features on their buildings. However, there are some good reasons to hiring a bird-removal expert.

Bird Droppings

The good thing is, if you have a bird infestation, you will notice it quickly. Likely, bird droppings will be everywhere. While droppings are unsightly, they can also cause a number of other problems. Bird droppings are acidic, containing something called uric acid, and that acid content can eventually deteriorate soft stone and cause long-term damage to buildings. Likewise, if it accumulates on a harder surface, such as a fence, it can deface the exterior of the façade or the interior of a building. Additionally, nest droppings can block gutters and rainwater pipes, which can cause water damage to buildings. Water damage not only has the potential of being dangerous, but it also lowers your property value. In public buildings, bird droppings can also lead to slippery surfaces, which can result in slip-and-fall accidents and liability suits.

Health Problems

While not all birds are dirty, scores of urban birds that inhabit buildings can create an organic, nutrient rich accumulation of pigeon droppings that creates the perfect environment for harmful bacteria and fungi. External parasites can also be transferred when infested birds settle in nests. For example, ticks and mites can be passed from bird to humans and other animals inside a household. These parasites can infest buildings and cause various health problems. Likewise, birds can carry a number of potentially infectious diseases, such as salmonella, ornithosis, and tuberculosis. Studies have shown that more than 60 diseases can be transferred from birds to humans. Some birds can also be a source of allergens, which can cause a number of respiratory ailments and allergic reactions.


If you have a chimney, you could also create a hazard by letting the birds remain. Some prefer to build their nests on the interiors of chimneys, such as swifts. They may not cause a fire in your house, but the can prevent smoke from escaping when you have a fire going, which can allow both smoke and carbon monoxide to stay inside your home. Fledglings can also fall out of their nests down the rest of the chimney, which can let birds into the house.

Make sure you and your family are protected prom potential risks. Hire an experienced Houston animal removal expert to help you manage your bird infestation problem. Critter Control of Houston is a full-service animal removal company. We are also locally owned and operated, so we are thoroughly familiar with the area and the kind of critters that tend to set up shop in various areas. We also pride ourselves by using safe methods to remove the animals from your home or business. Our fully licensed technicians don’t kill the animals we remove, with the exception of rats and mice that must be killed by law. Let us see what we can do for you and your home. Contact us at 713-334-4103 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment today.

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