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Signs of Animals in Your Home

Animal RemovalAt Critter Control of Houston, our team of animal removal specialists wants you to understand the various signs that may be present when an animal is in your house. Being aware of these signs is important so you can take action quickly and protect your home and your family. The moment you notice an issue that could signify an animal in your home, call our team for a free estimate so we can check your home.

Weird Sounds

One of the things you may notice if there is an animal in the home is weird sounds coming from various areas. This could include the attic, the walls, or the basement. Some animals are more prone to stay in between the walls and their movement can cause a lot of sounds.


Unfortunately, with animals in the home, there is always the possibility that feces will be around certain areas such as the pantry. Some animals carry diseases that can be contracted through the feces. It is important to call an expert as soon as you see feces.

Holes in the Wall

There are some animals that can dig or bite at the wall and create holes. For some, this may be a small hole, but either way, it is an indicator of a potential big problem in your home. Animals in the attic can also go through the ceiling and create a hole there.

Trust our animal removal specialists at Critter Control of Houston. We can come out, provide a free assessment, and determine the best possible way to remove the animals from your home. Trust that we are ready to help you take back control of your home. Call us today to learn what we can do for you.

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