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Because they are nocturnal, opossums can often be found in dark, secure places, such as crawl spaces, sheds, under your deck, or even in your attic. If you believe that you have nuisance wildlife in your home or around your business, get professional help.

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Opossum Removal in Houston & Surrounding Areas

Have you seen opossums around your home or business? These animals are large, grey, and have furless tails and pink noses. As nocturnal animals, they often favor areas that are dark and secure, which is why you can often find them hiding out under your home, beneath your deck, or even in your crawl spaces. If you have reason to believe that they have invaded, we encourage you to get in touch with our Houston animal removal experts as soon as possible. Backed by more than three decades of experience, our team can work with you to not only safely remove the animal, but can also repair the damage and prevent the problem from recurring again in the future.

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opossum removal HoustonCommon Damage Caused by Opossums

Opossums can be a destructive houseguest whenever they come to visit. Due to their nature, they often burrow and nest, which can cause significant structural damage, as well as damage to your home's very foundation.

Some of the most common ways that they cause damage include the following:

  • They cause damage to your property;
  • They can emit foul odors; and
  • They can expose you to diseases / parasites.

As stated above, opossums can pose as a serious risk to you and your loved ones as they are known to carry serious diseases, such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and rabies. That is why you should not attempt to remove these animals on your own. You need to have the professional assistance of Critter Control of Houston.

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As a winner of the Angie's List Superior Service Award, you can trust the team of animal removal experts from Critter Control of Houston to employ safe, effective, and humane methods. Not only that, but we back all of our services with a limited lifetime warranty!

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Thanks for a thorough and professional job Critter Control!

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Excellent work, good communication, professional workmanship.

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