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Ramon - Manager and Owner, Critter Control of Houston

Ramon started his pursuit into the wildlife industry when he started his studies at Texas A&M and gained his degree in Wildlife Biology. From there he spent some time working for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and was stationed at Jasper, Texas and also at the Old Tunnel Wildlife Management area, outside of Fredericksburg, TX.

Ramon Bought into the Critter Control Franchise in 1998 and has been an active participant in the day to day running of the business.

Ramon works closely with the Non-profit organization TWRC here in Houston which works with injured and orphaned wildlife and is a strong advocate for Humane animal removal, a view that he has instilled in all his staff. Ramon is also a great investor in people and works hard with all the staff to ensure they receive a high level of training so they can go on to deliver the best customer service experience possible.

Ramon also spent 6 years supporting our military in Afghanistan, filling a need to do his part following the 9/11 tragedy. Ramon returned back to Houston, fulltime in 2013 and has settled into family life with his Wife and 2 cats and 2 dogs.

Nate - Service Manager, U.S. Military Veteran

Nate is our Service Manager and a United States military Veteran.

“My background starts at a very early age building custom houses from the ground up on the coast of Maine. I entered the wildlife management industry in 2013 with Critter Control of Fort Worth as a Team Leader. I moved up in the company becoming the Assistant Operations Manager, and traveling around the country training other franchises in the methods we utilize in Texas. In January of 2015 I became the Service Manager at Critter Control of Houston. My wife, two older boys, twin 3-year-olds, three dogs, and I all live in the Houston area now and have fallen in love with the community.”

Manuel - Home Department & Pest Control Supervisor

Manuel is the Home department and Pest Control supervisor, he brings over 26 years’ experience in our industry and is a Certified Applicator.

“I enjoy solving clients problems and listening to their concerns. I have a can-do attitude and will always do whatever is needed to resolve any nuisance wildlife or pest control issues our clients are faced with.”

Craig - Wildlife Specialist

Craig has worked for Critter Control for over 8 years. In addition to being a Certified Applicator he is a Certified Wildlife Specialist. Craig also brings to the position over 25 years in the study of Herpetology and Wildlife rehabilitation.

“This is the perfect industry for me, I feel a great deal of fulfillment when I am presented with a client’s critter issues and I am able to start the process of solving their situation and helping them to fully understand what they are dealing with. My passion in my free time is fishing and Herping.”

Ben - Wildlife Specialist & Crew Chief, U.S. Military Veteran

Ben started in the nuisance wildlife industry at 18 prior to serving in the United States Marine Core for over 6 years. He has gathered certification as a Veterinary Paramedic and is a nationally certified animal cruelty investigator.

“I take pride in my ability to locate and seal up any animal entry points on a home, but I have to say my favorite part of the job is hand removing the wildlife we encounter. Knowing that I can safely remove and relocate the animal without causing any harm, as well as seeing the satisfaction and relief on the client’s face is what makes this job so worthwhile.”

Steve - Crew Chief, Repair & Damage Response Team, U.S. Military Veteran

Steve is one of our crew Chiefs on our repair and damage response teams. Steve has prior experience in the construction industry and is a United States Veteran.

“I’m a United States infantry combat veteran/singer, songwriter and musician combatting critters with military control all while singing stairway to heaven.”

He also has a great sense of humor.

Preston - Assistant Crew Chief

Walter - Assistant Crew Chief

Justin - Pest Control Technician, Home Department

Kimberly - Customer Services & HR

"Thank you Critter Control gives me a Peace of Mind !"

Tai Dinh

"Thank you for giving a peace of mind!"

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Jim and Rebecca Shields

"Excellent work, good communication, professional workmanship."

Excellent work, good communication, professional workmanship.

Cynthia W.

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Diane McKeown

"I liked the humane way the animals were dealt with"

The house is better now that the work has been successfully completed.

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"Thanks for a thorough and professional job Critter Control!"

Thanks for a thorough and professional job Critter Control!

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"Critter Control always does a great job
and has great customer service."

We have used CC for many different issues on three houses and have always been pleased.

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